I finally had a chance to get some photographs of some Redmen football.  A few weeks ago I decided to take some photos at the Norton and Smith Center game.  It was a great game to be at and it allowed me to get some great photos of players on both sides.

This featured poster is of Joe Osburn from Smith Center.  I have to admit that Joe really makes by Job easy.  How? Well, when you get an All Star athlete like Joe and he’s able to break away from everyone.  It gives me a chance to really focus in on him and get some nice clear photos.  You’ll notice that in the poster I was able to get a few great shots of Joe with the ball. (check out the photo in the middle….the Heisman!!)

To complete the overall layout of the poster I was able to use a close-up of Joe’s face.  I’m always looking for a chance to get this shot….the close-up shots work great on all posters.  So if you ever see us on the sideline taking photos of the guys standing…..we are trying to sneak in that nice close head-shot.

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