We don’t just do one sport posters…we can do them all! At the beginning of last year we were contacted by Regan’s parents to see if we could design a poster of her in each one of her uniforms. (Basketball, Volleyball, Track, and Cheerleading) What we did is setup a time during each season to have Regan come into the studio for a short 10-15 minutes to have her photo taken in her uniform.  This gave us an opportunity to get high quality photos to use on her poster.  Once completed we took one photo from each season and developed a poster consisting of all four uniforms.  Personally, I feel like the poster turned out great and we still get a lot of positive comments about the poster.  Many people actually think it is three sisters…how funny!

This poster allows us to show what we can do by actually having the individuals come into our studio to get a couple quick photos.  We would like to start combining one or two studio shots with an action shot. (Just a new idea we have, and we think a lot of people would like the final results)  The action shot would also be another area that we would like to take outside of a game.  We’ve done this a couple times and we were able to get some amazing photos, and once the poster was completed….you don’t even know that it wasn’t a game!

If you would like to have a poster designed, please contact us and we can discuss all the options.

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